NoloPaint for GearVR and Cardboard with use of NoloVR

Okay, I’m officially releasing the NoloPaint app I’ve been working on for the past couple of months for GearVR. There was a hefty amount of requests for a cardboard version so I’m releasing that as well with some misgivings. Google changed up how the cardboard apps handle permissions and I can’t seem to get the app to request permissions on demand without crashing. So if you want to use the panorama tool, you’ll have to enable those permissions manually. There are instructions on the NoloPaint release page.
Things have been hectic with a family health emergency this past week (Everything turned out okay) and Dreamflight starts tomorrow. So I’m not going to be available for at least a week and a half. What better time to release a Beta version of a cardboard app, right? But people wanted it and I don’t want to leave everyone hanging for a few weeks for what’s basically one feature I plan on redoing anyway.

I hope y’all like it. Take care.

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