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In an effort to better learn unity I’ve been working with the NoloVR hardware and my GearVR to create a basic Paint application.
Cardboard Version now available! Be sure to check the Cardboard Notes!

Download NoloPaint for GearVR from
Download NoloPaint (Beta!) for Cardboard
The gearvr version of nolopaint is currently unavailable as the sideloading hoster for gearvr files I was using has gone down. I’m looking into other hosts or the official nolo store.



  1. Trigger on your brush controller is your basic select and “use”
  2. Multiple Colors can be chosen from the front of the pallet tool.
  3. Teleport tool or Brush tool can be chosen from the back of the pallet.
  4. You can Undo, Reset, Redo the canvas. Reset starts from scratch and destroys all your history.
  5. You can save your canvas or load your canvas from the bottom row on the back of the pallet. Saving creates a camera on the front of the pallet tool to take your thumbnail snapshot.
  6. There is a panorama tool on the back of the pallet on the bottom row. It will freeze your screen for about 20 seconds. Saving and experimenting with position of your canvas is recommended for best results.
  7. 3d Canvas can be repositioned and rescaled by pressing the grip buttons on both controllers at the same time and moving your controllers together or away.

When you first load the app you’ll be required to double click the bottom buttons on your NoloVR controllers while holding them in front of you facing forward. That will align the controllers with forward, and center the canvas. It’s a Nolo thing. I’ll come up with something better for future projects.

Also, Unity throws extra permissions in. I can’t figure out how to disable the one that asks for phone call permissions. You can deny it everytime and it won’t affect the app’s performance. Ability to save files is for the panorama code.

There are some bugs, mostly with NoloVR’s behavior. The canvas will randomly move on you which is inconvenient and messes with the save canvas feature. Sometime the controllers are too jittery to use the menu of the color setting code to work properly. I’m using the NoloVR sdk teleport code with very few changes. It’s not pretty, but I don’t feel that focusing on remaking that is the best use of my time right now. My hope is to put a new app or project for lowkeysoft about every other month. So I’m not going to spend much more time trying to hunt down the little glitches that are more nuisances than app breakers.

Cardboard Notes
Please do keep in mind this runs much better as a GearVR app. I’ve only been able to test it on 2 Samsung Galaxy S5s. So I can’t say I how it will run on other devices. There is an issue with the Panorama tool! You must manually give the NoloPaint External Storage permissions in order to save Panorama Captures. You can do this by going into Android Settings –> Application Manager (under Applications) –> NoloPaint –> Permissions –> then enable Storage. It’s still hit or miss on whether that works, but that’s the best I’ve got working right now. Let’s just call it a Beta. 😉